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Sugarplum Cake Shop

11 Nov

Fact: slow yodeling makes me faint. Actually, being crammed in an underground bar listening to melancholic cowboys sing so slowly they might STOP makes me faint. As in, keel over and black out.

I suspect it’s because I have an attention span that’s about as long as a slice of triple-layer strawberry vanilla cream cake – but not quite as high.

Ok enough with the segues. Let’s talk about Sugarplum Cake Shop.

It’s on Rue de Cardinal Lemoine – conveniently close to the Place de la Contrescapes should you fancy a pression in Orwell’s hood after tea time. And it’s manned by ‘Sugarplums’ who create heart-stopping deliciousness and friendly natter in equal measure.

If the Alice in Wonderland-esque wedding cake displays won’t lure you in, maybe the thought of free wifi, free filter coffee refills and these lathers of frosting will?

Sure the Peanut Butter Yummy Things are tasty, but it’s Sugarplum’s good old fashioned cheer that makes it so appealing.  You know… The fifty centimes discount because the cake was sliced a bit wonkily. The stacks of dog-eared recipe books lying on the communal table. The noisy greetings to the exchange students as they wander through the door in a fug of subjunctive conjugations.

A counter piled high with giant muffins, creamy cupcakes, hearty pumpkin pie slices and a custom-made cheesecake means this is not a place for the faint-hearted.

But the good news? There’s not a slowdeler in sight.

Sugarplum Coffee Shop
68 rue du Cardinal Lemoine

75005 Paris

Top image from Break Into Paris
Bottom image from Hello It’s Valentine


People’s Pops

15 Jun

If a rhubarb robot and a chamomile robot got into a war (stay with me) and then you froze them, you would have a PEOPLE’S POP.

There’s actually not any other way to describe this solid icy fruit brick-on-a-stick.  Well, I guess you could say: ‘This is better than a Dixie Cup.’  But that would be like comparing apples with some other, totally unrelated fruit.

Speaking of which, maybe you should try the apricot and orange blossom pop?  It’s like being smashed on the head with an orchard.  In a great way.

For those outlandish people who allow their herbs and fruits to co-mingle in the vegie patch, I guess the strawberry/basil combination is old hat for you.  Ditto for people who drink their morning mug of chai with a blueberry garnish. (I know you’re out there.)

For everyone else, lick it up at the People’s Pops stands at Chelsea Market, or the Highline or Smorgasburg. Drawcard: the giant hunk of ice they blade-shave if you order…ummm… a shave ice!  (Nothing but the best, mahalo very much.)

The People’s Pops peeps deserve your dollars because they’re young and gutsy, and also because they appreciate the interesting tracks forklifts can make in the snow. Tender folks, aren’t they?  Unlike fruit robots.  Those things are NASTY.

Choc Orange Balls

10 Apr

If you were writing a crime thriller novel and you were trying to think of a way for a double-crossing secret agent to switch brief cases with another secret agent, you could write a scene where both of them are waiting in line to go through security in a busy domestic airport – Sydney, say.  One after the other they empty their pockets and put their briefcases on the security conveyor belt to be scanned, and when they come out the other side they take EACH OTHER’S BRIEF CASE.

Otherwise, if you’re in the airport you could go to Darrell Lea and buy these Choc Orange Balls.

Not only do these giant jaffa gob stoppers taste dreamy, but they also stain your fingers a pleasant blood red.  Depending on the quantity consumed they also give you quite an impressive tongue ulcer.  Apart from Caramel Snows, which I’m told are only for the young and young at heart, these are the only reason to visit Darrell in the first place.  Delicious.