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Musée Rodin

7 Nov

Some days your knees get so cold in Paris that all you want to do is huddle next to a heater and eat salted caramels that get stuck in your teeth.

Other days, there’s free entrance to nearly all the museums in the city and you just need to layer up and get busy.

Even if you don’t have legwarmers and your coat has a button missing, you should definitely go find the Musée Rodin. You won’t regret it. (Unlike buying legwarmers.)

Do you know that the museum building is actually called Hôtel Biron? Do you know that a peruke is a wig? Do you know that a guy called Abraham Peyrenc de Moras made a killing from perukes, and that Hôtel Biron was built for him? TO BE HIS HOUSE ACTUALLY?

Just his townhouse. Whatever.

These days, the parquet in the Hôtel Biron is in need of a solid polish and the ceilings in need of a lick of Antique White USA, but this is understandable given it’s the only national museum in France that does not benefit from a public grant by the State. True story.

Three other things that are true:

1. Rodin was handy with the graphite.

2. You can walk right around nearly all the sculptures to take in every finger nail and perfect vein.

3. You should probably go easy on the salted caramels.

All images from Musée Rodin except the first one. That was me.


Iced Vo Vo Biscuits

2 Apr

I’ve always been good at gaping in front of an open fridge, wondering what to eat next.  But now that I’m penny-pinching and have whole weekends to kill, the question has become: which baked good shall I ruin now?

After two batches of flat scones, dirty peanut butter cookies and stainy chocolate honey cake, my attention turned to the fluorescent Vo Vo.  If Nigella is allowed to print a Snickers and Peanut Butter Muffin recipe then I figure I’m not the most revolting person in the world for melting marshmellows and icing sugar together to pour over sweet biscuits, before dunking them in dessicated coconut and dribbling them with hot raspberry jam.  That’s pretty much a health kick as far as she’s concerned.

Unfortunately, sickly sweet doesn’t necessarily mean awesome.  After Kevin 07 mentioned them in his acceptance speech, Vo Vo’s kind of lost their edginess.  Also, hot pink marshmellow can REALLY BURN YOU.

In summary, eat fish fingers.