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Go the F**k to Sleep – Adam Mansbach

20 Jul

If you’re not Australian and the Roger Ramjet theme didn’t mean BATH TIME for you, then the twinkling eye of the wiley madam reading Adam Mansbach’s new masterpiece might not mean much to you.

Just so you know: this is the Australian version of Charlie Sheen in Martha Stewart’s body. Which is BRILLIANT, don’t you know?

If/when the illicit joy of hearing a 1990’s Playschool hero drob f-bombs ever wears off, you’ll even notice that Go the F**k to Sleep is the perfect chilluns story — complete with rhyming couplets, endless repetition, and bewitching illustrations.

Even Mem Fox is on board – though fingers crossed she keeps Hush clean. Possum Motherf**king Magic just doesn’t have the same ring.