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14 Nov

I can’t ollie like Elissa Steamer (or like anyone) but I think it’s still ok for me to love the ONLY guys. Apart from their herring-spangled chapeaus and photo deli, their website also features snaps of NYC from the gold-old-olden days: the 70’s and 80s.

They love New York. You love New York. We all love hotdogs. Whatever. These pictures are cool.

Peruse at your leisure at ONLY. And pick up a mushroom hat for me.



Kobi Levi

18 Jul

I don’t know the ins and outs of the Israeli shoe designer scene, but I’m pretty sure this guy is ROYALTY.

Kobi Levi graduated from Bezalel ten years ago, and has since collaborated with apm Hong Kong, been featured in this fruity exhibition in Switzerland, and others in sleepy little towns like Berlin, Tokyo, and Verona.

I know you wouldn’t pick it, but Levi thinks of shoes as a “canvas” and, actually, prefers the words “wearable sculpture” to shoes.  He’s also partial to dogs.

Levi is currently developing his own women’s shoe line in Tel Aviv. Til then you’ll just have to save your pennies (hundred thousands?) and have some custom-made.  Because there’s ALWAYS an occasion for shoes like these.

All images from Beautiful Life and Kobi Levi

The Sartorialtwist

21 Jun

I’m not sure about you, but for me Tuesday is cross-dressing couture day.

It’s Girltalk meets Average Folk meets those awesome books from when you were five.

It’s called The Sartorialtwist.  And you’ll still giggle the seventh time.



20 Jun

If I were all leggy and had glossy dark hair and a sultry pout and maybe some sterling silver hammered cuffs, a pretty tattoo on my wrist and a growing penchant for skulls, then I would wear Oak stuff ALL THE TIME.

As it is I’m the blonde, gawky type so I kind of look like an imposter in clothes this cool.  Doesn’t mean I can’t try though.

(That’s not me.  Damn.)

Black and white, geometry, long tops, high waists, leather, rockstar jeans – these are all Oak’s strong suits. Most delicious though are the SHOES — and I’m not even one of those shoesy types.  Really I’m not.

Aren’t you glad someone called GeeWaWa designed those?  If that’s not cool enough: their Williamsburg store is behind an unmarked door on North 8th Street, which means there are no crowds to brave and you can eavesdrop on the sales assistants’ gossip… because there are no customers to serve.  No brunette, sexy ones anyway.

Images from Shiny Squirrel and Oak.

SlantShack Jerky

14 Jun

Sooooo. I ate your birthday present last night.

I know.  But let me explain. I had a couple of drinks at that rooftop wonderland Berry Park and went to bed early – really I did.  But you know how gin makes you wake up at odd times?  And makes you sift around on the net for a while? And makes you find quilted Chanel bags made out of jerky?

(Talk about glamour snacks.  Nice one Nancy Wu.)

Well, obviously that grass-fed, smoked and spiced beef jerky I got from Smorgasburg especially for you because I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU LOVE MEAT was history.

Surely this could happen to anyone?  Anyone who is a hungry, selfish meatface?

On to the good news though — SlantShack jerky is delicious! Aside from there being nothing more medicinal than smoky, dried meat at 4am on a Sunday, this jerky is pleasantly chewy but not teeth-ripping tough.  It’s heartily spiced but not overpowering.  Apparently even their cows are happy.

Better yet, SlantShack have an online store where can customize your meat treat with marinades, glazes or herby rubs, and have it delivered to your doorstep within days.

Which means you can order your own birthday present.  And unfriend those nocturnal cured-meat-eating types with whom you might fraternize.

I’m sorry.

Image from Foodigity.


8 Jun

Polo horses and swear words and soft, soft silk?  Yes please.

Loquita is Hermes’ cooler, more badass little sister.  The one with a silver hipflask of bourbon in her handbag at Ascot.  The one with a tattoo just above the hemline of her little black dress.  The one who would play death metal at her wedding – if she ever deigned to marry.

Maybe the ultimate NYC slashy, Loquita founder Sara Rotman turned her hand to fashion design after dabbling in art directing (at Saatchi), album cover design,  interior design, and the odd equestrian sportHamptonites and sartorialist-posers are unanimous: her stuff kind of rocks.

You definitely want to be her friend, and you definitely want to wrap yourself in her wares.  Or, you know, your horses.

Loquita Showroom, PLV Studio, 10 West 33rd Street, Suite PH1, New York. (646-723-9200)


All images from Loquita