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Sugarplum Cake Shop

11 Nov

Fact: slow yodeling makes me faint. Actually, being crammed in an underground bar listening to melancholic cowboys sing so slowly they might STOP makes me faint. As in, keel over and black out.

I suspect it’s because I have an attention span that’s about as long as a slice of triple-layer strawberry vanilla cream cake – but not quite as high.

Ok enough with the segues. Let’s talk about Sugarplum Cake Shop.

It’s on Rue de Cardinal Lemoine – conveniently close to the Place de la Contrescapes should you fancy a pression in Orwell’s hood after tea time. And it’s manned by ‘Sugarplums’ who create heart-stopping deliciousness and friendly natter in equal measure.

If the Alice in Wonderland-esque wedding cake displays won’t lure you in, maybe the thought of free wifi, free filter coffee refills and these lathers of frosting will?

Sure the Peanut Butter Yummy Things are tasty, but it’s Sugarplum’s good old fashioned cheer that makes it so appealing.  You know… The fifty centimes discount because the cake was sliced a bit wonkily. The stacks of dog-eared recipe books lying on the communal table. The noisy greetings to the exchange students as they wander through the door in a fug of subjunctive conjugations.

A counter piled high with giant muffins, creamy cupcakes, hearty pumpkin pie slices and a custom-made cheesecake means this is not a place for the faint-hearted.

But the good news? There’s not a slowdeler in sight.

Sugarplum Coffee Shop
68 rue du Cardinal Lemoine

75005 Paris

Top image from Break Into Paris
Bottom image from Hello It’s Valentine


Oslo Coffee Roasters

5 Jun

Is there anything to hate about a cafe with this on the wall?

Not really.   This little number is called ‘1000 paper hearts for Japan’ and was created by the people of Williamsburg North School. The short ones I mean. The ones that are about four years old.

It’s on the back wall at Oslo Coffee Roasters which is where my stylish friend Average Folk goes every weekend for his coffee.  Both days. It’s that good.

I joined a Sunday expedition to the Northside store on Roebling Street and I was the tiniest bit sceptical, given that some of the fancy coffee in Williamsburg actually tastes like tomato soup.  And also because Oslo is ugly orange brick and concrete outside and it was  sweating-under-your-sunglasses-rims hot.

But here’s what the coffee was: DELICIOUS.  And here’s what it was like inside:  LOVELY.

Probably the best thing about Oslo is that they’re not pretentious about their coffee, even though they roast it themselves and it’s socially and economically sustainable and buzzword buzzword buzzword.  The house blend, Thor, is solid and kind of tabacco-bitter but in a really soft drink-me-slowly way.  I had it on ice with milk and slurped it through a straw outside in the sunshine.

Average Folk had a cup of steaming hot Odin espresso blend.  Ballsy.

They have little pastry treats to nibble if you’re so inclined, but most people are in-and-out of here en route to the subway.  (The navy and white cups strewn all over Bedford station: testament.)

On an inside day you could sit around the wooden communal table and argue about the crossword. If you were alone you could press your nose against the giant windows and admire the people not curbing their dogs outside. Or admire the inside artwork like this.

It’s cool to be four.

Oslo Coffee Roasters, 133B Roebling Street, Brooklyn

1000 Pound Bend

8 Apr

Perhaps I’m just not innately curious.  Perhaps that’s why I didn’t ask what the £1000 were about.

Maybe it’s because you’ll gain about that much weight if you order a skinny latte here because, no honey, they don’t serve skim milk. (What’s not to love?)

But say you wanted a home-made passion fruit yo-yo, or to perve on some of those skinny macbook types (free wifi baby), or to sneak around the street art exhibition like a totes rad homie, then yes, these guys will help.

They hosted the Sweet Streets exhibition in their paint-chipped gallery space, and you could buy tickets to Laneway there too.  Get it yet?

Upstairs there’s a beanbag slash milk crate studded cinema-ette, if you will.  Here you can watch edgy designy films about bikes or chill out with your new friends from the Melbourne Horror Film Society.  They like scaring themselves here and maybe you will too.

The furniture situation is that thing that everyone in Bondi does, where you garner a motley collection of vintage 50s chairs and plush sofas covered in those 70s rainbow crotched blankets.

You probably don’t have to actually OWN a fixie to come here but it’d help.  Come to think of it you could just hire one of theirs.


1000 Pound Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne (0450 258 730)