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Bedford Cheese Shop

21 Jul

Part Parisian fromagerie and part hipster hang-out, Bedford Cheese Shop is the ultimate cravings-buster for dedicated Brooklyn turophiles, and a tear-jerker to boot…  It’ll have you weeping with gratitude — all over the French pastilles and black, Venezualan chocolate.

Nestled nookily on the corner of North 4th Street, Bedford Cheese Shop is a treasure trove of imported and local hand-made gourmet treats, housing a rather breathtaking bevy of high-grade international cheeses.

Pastel pink packets of caramels, glass bottles of proper English worcestshire, and boxes of crisp German spice cookies line the shop’s walls.  Faded floorboards creak amicably if one kneels to search for Vegimite.* Scores of crusty fresh baguettes poke their heads out of wooden market boxes, and the whole shop is fragrant with Spanish chorizo and smoky saucisson.

The staff are old-fashioned cheese people who not only know their Morbier from their Gruyere (duh) but also know the best things to pop under, smoosh on top or wrap around each cheesey wonder.  Best news: this fromagerie is all about the sampling! But rumour has it you SHOULDN’T bring, and then open, a bottle of wine while you’re doing that.

Let’s cut to the chase. Here’s what’s delicious: their dense Hoch Ybrig.  Their creamy Clochette. Their zesty, sheepy Crozier.  Their pickle selection.  Their hoodies.

If you like your dairy digital, you can even browse their cheese portfolio ONLINE. You should. And someone should also snap up that Chris. His words are as tasty as his Chabichou.

* Calm down, they’re out of stock til next month.

Featured image from Paper and String, last image from Raymond Adams.


Berry Park

4 Jun

I met heaps of strangers yesterday.  The first one was a pleasingly red-bearded French guy who told me about his complicated money-lending start-up and asked me lots of polite questions.  Another one was a boy called Shane with ripped jeans.  A girl I didn’t know told me I had nice sunglasses.  Those are some of the reasons I like Berry Park.

Other reasons: they play Beatles without it being ironic.  The grilled chicken sandwiches take no time at all to come out and are so juicy and mustardy you feel all kissy afterwards.  It’s crowded on the hot days and takes ages to get a beer, but when you finally get one it’s enormous and cold and good.  And probably Belgian.

There’s a whole warehouse full of awesome here, but you’d probably only go to Berry Park for the deck.  All long wooden benches and white umbrellas, you feel rather fancy looking at the Manhattan skyline at dusk.  And then you feel smug because you’re doing it on the cheap, in sandals and with mustard on your face.

One thing you should know is this: it’s beery.  This is what they have on the bar menu: beer ($6) beer ($8) beer ($10) beer ($5).  If you want a gin and tonic go downstairs.  (And take the stairs slowly because your eyes take a second to adjust to the dark inside and you’ll probably trip.)

Options like the lobster and shrimp roll, pulled berkshire pork sandwich, and venison, merlot and blueberry sausages mean it’s probably the ultimate boozey lunch destination. They also have punk rock DJs on Thursdays. Get ready to make friends.

Images courtesy of L Magazine and Berry Park.

Culture Warrior

1 Jun

I came across this patch of art down the street a couple of days ago. It has since vanished, I believe.  (Ok, more likely I just can’t remember where I saw it.)

Either way, I was reminded of Robin Grearson’s musings on the ephemeral nature of street art – and her uncomfortable cameo as a Culture Warrior.

Read it – she’s ballsy.

Tai Thai

29 May

It’s no Thai La-Ong, but then again Bedford Avenue is no King Street.  So like finding one final milk dud in the box before you throw it out, it’s a nice little surprise to find some cheap and tasty Thai hidden amongst the hipster bars and vegan-fusion offerings in Williamsburg

Critics of Tai Thai take issue with its bizarre furnishings rather than its menu.  But both are eclectic: the majority of dishes on the menu here are ‘entrees’, but in fact are big enough to easily feed a hungry Australian, and the decor is a kitsch mix of Thai pop movie meomorabilia and Buddhist keepsakes.  If you prefer not to eat in a low-lit den of strange collectibles you can always sit outside.  Or go to the Manhatten one.

I’ve eaten my weight in cheap, dirty Thai and Tai Thai definitely goes one better.  The beef pad see eiw tasted mainly of fish sauce and, well, beef (rather than grease and MSG) and the chicken pad thai was hot and fresh, despite its stringy noodles.   Curries, stir-frys and all your favourite noodles make their appearances on the menu, and at about $10 each it doesn’t really matter how authentic they are, right?

Avoid the house wine – cheap beer is a better pairing with crispy sprouts anyway.  And while the waitresses may not earn the most enormous tip, Tai Thai’s excellent location make it a prime eavesdropping venue.  I mean people-watching.

Tai Thai

206 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211. P:  718-599-5556

Image: Eater