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Bedford Cheese Shop

21 Jul

Part Parisian fromagerie and part hipster hang-out, Bedford Cheese Shop is the ultimate cravings-buster for dedicated Brooklyn turophiles, and a tear-jerker to boot…  It’ll have you weeping with gratitude — all over the French pastilles and black, Venezualan chocolate.

Nestled nookily on the corner of North 4th Street, Bedford Cheese Shop is a treasure trove of imported and local hand-made gourmet treats, housing a rather breathtaking bevy of high-grade international cheeses.

Pastel pink packets of caramels, glass bottles of proper English worcestshire, and boxes of crisp German spice cookies line the shop’s walls.  Faded floorboards creak amicably if one kneels to search for Vegimite.* Scores of crusty fresh baguettes poke their heads out of wooden market boxes, and the whole shop is fragrant with Spanish chorizo and smoky saucisson.

The staff are old-fashioned cheese people who not only know their Morbier from their Gruyere (duh) but also know the best things to pop under, smoosh on top or wrap around each cheesey wonder.  Best news: this fromagerie is all about the sampling! But rumour has it you SHOULDN’T bring, and then open, a bottle of wine while you’re doing that.

Let’s cut to the chase. Here’s what’s delicious: their dense Hoch Ybrig.  Their creamy Clochette. Their zesty, sheepy Crozier.  Their pickle selection.  Their hoodies.

If you like your dairy digital, you can even browse their cheese portfolio ONLINE. You should. And someone should also snap up that Chris. His words are as tasty as his Chabichou.

* Calm down, they’re out of stock til next month.

Featured image from Paper and String, last image from Raymond Adams.



20 Jun

If I were all leggy and had glossy dark hair and a sultry pout and maybe some sterling silver hammered cuffs, a pretty tattoo on my wrist and a growing penchant for skulls, then I would wear Oak stuff ALL THE TIME.

As it is I’m the blonde, gawky type so I kind of look like an imposter in clothes this cool.  Doesn’t mean I can’t try though.

(That’s not me.  Damn.)

Black and white, geometry, long tops, high waists, leather, rockstar jeans – these are all Oak’s strong suits. Most delicious though are the SHOES — and I’m not even one of those shoesy types.  Really I’m not.

Aren’t you glad someone called GeeWaWa designed those?  If that’s not cool enough: their Williamsburg store is behind an unmarked door on North 8th Street, which means there are no crowds to brave and you can eavesdrop on the sales assistants’ gossip… because there are no customers to serve.  No brunette, sexy ones anyway.

Images from Shiny Squirrel and Oak.


8 Jun

Polo horses and swear words and soft, soft silk?  Yes please.

Loquita is Hermes’ cooler, more badass little sister.  The one with a silver hipflask of bourbon in her handbag at Ascot.  The one with a tattoo just above the hemline of her little black dress.  The one who would play death metal at her wedding – if she ever deigned to marry.

Maybe the ultimate NYC slashy, Loquita founder Sara Rotman turned her hand to fashion design after dabbling in art directing (at Saatchi), album cover design,  interior design, and the odd equestrian sportHamptonites and sartorialist-posers are unanimous: her stuff kind of rocks.

You definitely want to be her friend, and you definitely want to wrap yourself in her wares.  Or, you know, your horses.

Loquita Showroom, PLV Studio, 10 West 33rd Street, Suite PH1, New York. (646-723-9200)

All images from Loquita

Hunting For George

12 Apr

Such an excellent discovery whilst stalking on a Monday morning is dangerous.  Boons like this only encourage ongoing antisocial behaviour.  Perhaps a better way of looking at the discovery of Hunting for George is as the silver lining of the cloud that is Facebook.

Aside from the delicious scarves and prints like this rad tea one, I quite love HFG’s gift cards.  Designed by lovely artist Diana Johnston, these cards are ones you’d stick in your journal instead of chucking in the fire with your bank statements.

Even besterer is the Dudes page, where the HFG girls lend their expertise to tough situations like: ‘I’ve only got 20 bucks to spend, help a brother out’, and ‘She’s a good friend, but I DON’T want to kiss her.’  (Yeah right.)

I’m still not sure who George is or why we’re hunting for him, but he’s definitely worth a peek.

Parisian Ballets

9 Apr

Did you know you can buy an amazing stone church in Pennsylvania for $200,000 right now on ebay?

While you’re on the internet you could also buy me these sweet kicks from the Parisian Ballets online shop. I’ve never bought footwear on the internet before but that shouldn’t stop YOU.

Unfortunately some of the shoes on their website have ridiculous names like Blanc de Blanc and Peekaboo. But the shoes themselves are delicious and while potentially a bit white supremacist, Blanc de Blanc will at least make your toes look dainty.

PB’s had a stall at the excellent Magnolia Square market in Maaalbourne a while back, which is a place where you can buy lots of cutesie hand-made things and ‘gorgeous wares’ like stationery and overpriced felt slippers.

Alternatively if you live in Leura you could just go to the shoe shop there – it’s called Circus and they stock PB’s. (If you live in Leura you probably already know this. It’s not a huge place.)

To conclude, Parisian Ballets also make wedding slippers. Which is helpful for when you feel like getting married. In Pennsylvania.