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14 Nov

I can’t ollie like Elissa Steamer (or like anyone) but I think it’s still ok for me to love the ONLY guys. Apart from their herring-spangled chapeaus and photo deli, their website also features snaps of NYC from the gold-old-olden days: the 70’s and 80s.

They love New York. You love New York. We all love hotdogs. Whatever. These pictures are cool.

Peruse at your leisure at ONLY. And pick up a mushroom hat for me.



13 Nov

Trying out some of these newfangled contraptions… So now you should be able to follow Treasure Hunter on Bloglovin! (Can’t tell you how much it hurts me to omit the ‘g’ there. Let’s not speak of it.)

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Sky Orchestra

11 Aug

If only this airborne art project had been launched into the London skies a week later than it was.  Singing hot air balloons would put even the most vicious rioter off their looting, right?

The Sky Orchestra consists of seven hot air balloons, each fitted with speakers, to create a moving audio landscape. Created by artists Luke Jerram and Dan Jones, the project’s cameo in London begins the official countdown to the 2012 Olympic Games.

Beats ribbon cutting.


Go the F**k to Sleep – Adam Mansbach

20 Jul

If you’re not Australian and the Roger Ramjet theme didn’t mean BATH TIME for you, then the twinkling eye of the wiley madam reading Adam Mansbach’s new masterpiece might not mean much to you.

Just so you know: this is the Australian version of Charlie Sheen in Martha Stewart’s body. Which is BRILLIANT, don’t you know?

If/when the illicit joy of hearing a 1990’s Playschool hero drob f-bombs ever wears off, you’ll even notice that Go the F**k to Sleep is the perfect chilluns story — complete with rhyming couplets, endless repetition, and bewitching illustrations.

Even Mem Fox is on board – though fingers crossed she keeps Hush clean. Possum Motherf**king Magic just doesn’t have the same ring.

Kobi Levi

18 Jul

I don’t know the ins and outs of the Israeli shoe designer scene, but I’m pretty sure this guy is ROYALTY.

Kobi Levi graduated from Bezalel ten years ago, and has since collaborated with apm Hong Kong, been featured in this fruity exhibition in Switzerland, and others in sleepy little towns like Berlin, Tokyo, and Verona.

I know you wouldn’t pick it, but Levi thinks of shoes as a “canvas” and, actually, prefers the words “wearable sculpture” to shoes.  He’s also partial to dogs.

Levi is currently developing his own women’s shoe line in Tel Aviv. Til then you’ll just have to save your pennies (hundred thousands?) and have some custom-made.  Because there’s ALWAYS an occasion for shoes like these.

All images from Beautiful Life and Kobi Levi

Keller Williams

11 Jul

One-man jam band Keller Williams is better known for his bluegrass beats than his circus talents.  Armed with a ten-string guitar and a Gisbon looping unit, this guy works all kinds of magic.

I’ve never seem him live, but they say he’s a barefoot performer, all bouncy and improvy with wild hair everywhere.  (I made the hair bit up.  But it seems likely.)  His first ever kids album (‘Kids’) is coming out this October and despite coming from the guy who wrote ‘Doobie in my Pocket’, it’s attracting the right kind of attention from all the right mum bloggers.  This awesome loopyhoopy track is featured on it.

If this clip doesn’t perk up your Tuesday, nothing will my friend.  Check out them man-hips.

It Socks to be Lonely

7 Jul

Is this the doing of Carine? Or just another Williamsburg soon-to-be-famous street artist?  Either way – brilliant.

The Sartorialtwist

21 Jun

I’m not sure about you, but for me Tuesday is cross-dressing couture day.

It’s Girltalk meets Average Folk meets those awesome books from when you were five.

It’s called The Sartorialtwist.  And you’ll still giggle the seventh time.


Center for Book Arts

2 Jun

How about this slice of Robert The‘s delicious book art at the Center for Book Arts?

The Center is a hybrid of workshop, museum and office on totally un-famous and un-booky West 37th street.  It’s wedged between a dodgy-looking travel agent and a one-dollar store – the windows of which are filled with chipped mannequins strewn with tatty feather boas.

It’s kinda like getting into St Mungo’s – except maybe less awesome.

Once you’re in there, check out their current exhibition which combines the two most excellent things: food and books.  According to them: “With Food in Mind looks at artists’ use of food as subject matter or medium in book arts, print, and digital media.”  (This means recipes, a video of a guy butchering a pig, and ultimately, cakebooks.)

Want more?  Hit their blog.  (It’s cute.)  Want book guns? K!

Culture Warrior

1 Jun

I came across this patch of art down the street a couple of days ago. It has since vanished, I believe.  (Ok, more likely I just can’t remember where I saw it.)

Either way, I was reminded of Robin Grearson’s musings on the ephemeral nature of street art – and her uncomfortable cameo as a Culture Warrior.

Read it – she’s ballsy.