The Treasure Hunter is me, Caroline Ball.  I’m an Australian freelance writer from a town called Ouse (yep, really) in Tasmania. Right now I’m living, writing and exploring in Paris.

This blog is a treasure chest of all the delicious, cool, clever and whacked out stuff I find here in Paris. And in other places too – like New York, where I was earlier this year.  I’d like to make a virtual treasure map and put it on here one day – so if anyone can do that, let’s be friends.  Til then, feel free to rifle through my loot at your leisure.

My not-very-fancy I’m-a-writer website is here.   If you’d like me to write things for you, that’s where you should go. (And yes, I’d love to!  Probably.)

Ok.  Thanks.  Lovely to see you here.

PS The pictures on here with no attribution were taken by me.  Even though I probably took them with a phone, you can definitely use them…  In fact I’d be flattered.  I’d be even more flattered if you credit me. Make me blush.


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