19 Jul
Don’t you wish you’d thought of this?  The Dutch guys behind ixxi are veritable graphic design MAGICIANS.  They have the secret technology to transform a photo, design, or digital image into a giant art feature for your trendy, Scando-inspired apartment.
Pixels become individual coloured squares of high-grade synthetic matte paper, which you can then arrange and hang as you please.  So swish.  So Dutch.
Co-captain ixxi himself*, Roel Vaessen, was even cool enough to answer some ixxi and food-related questions.  See?

What did you have for breakfast?

Yoghurt and strawberries. And fresh orange juice. There is plenty to do today!

How did the idea for ixxi come about?
Ixxi grew out of the project ‘The Brabant House’. This project consists out of around 20.000 postcards. We found out that there was no system to connect postcards. The system got fantastic reviews (we were nominated for the Dutch Design Awards) so we decided to develop the system to a consumer product. ixxi was born a year later.

What was the biggest challenge in setting ixxi up?
To make choices. You can do so much with a small cross. One thousand ideas come up, but you cannot develop all of them at once.
What has been your favourite ixxi project so far?

The Brabant House, the start of ixxi.

Ultimate Christmas in July gift?
An ixxi of course!
Eggs, bacon, chips or cheese?**
Eggs and bacon in the morning (only on the weekend), chips, cheese and wine in the evening!
All images from ixxi.
* Disappointingly, not actually a pixie.
** Does anyone else remember playing this?

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  1. Hunting your treasure forever July 21, 2011 at 2:13 am #

    Or Snoopy?

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