14 Jul

Inoteca brings to mind that age-old addage: ‘What they lack in manners, they make up for in gorgonzola and fig bruschetta.’

To be fair, it was only the door-bi…girl who was bossy.  The spunky waiter (actor?) who served us was chirpy, patient and didn’t let us over-order — an admirable trait in a world of small plates and sharing menus.

Figs aside, it’s hard to resist the fritto, and while the tramezzini are tempting it’s the crisp panini that the hordes of hipsters come here for. (The ones that made mama ‘ino famous.)

But I say: GET YOUR SALAD ON.  What could be better than juicy beets, slithers of orange, sharp pecorino, and fresh, fresh mint dotted with crunchy hazelnuts on a hot summer night?

Maybe a chilled glass of rosé, you say?  Ok, you can have that – or one of the 23 other wines available by the glass.

Like most four year olds in New York, this place has edge.

Images from inoteca and It Started In New York


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