Barcibo Enoteca

8 Jul

You kind of (really) want to be on a date here.   You want to be that woman in the LBD – even more glamorous in the dim lighting – leaning towards her handsome beau across a marble-topped table, sipping a glass of regional something.

Or you want to be the Italian woman at the table next to us, happy solo, nibbling on some crispy bruschetta post-theatre. (How how the hell does she pull that off?)

Or, more likely, you want to be with your favourite eating friends, wallets feeling portly and appetites crescendoing.  Fingers crossed they live in the Upper West Side though because Barcibo Enoteca is a decidedly Neighbourhood Establishment, and I think we’ve established that you want to belong here.

Barcibo is all small plates and wine list, and also happens to be one of the best-looking wine bars north of 14th street.  Alfresco patrons are sheltered by topiary box hedges that keep Broadway’s hustle and bustle at a sophisticated distance, while inside candle light and neutral tones work wonders on the parties of twos and threes sharing platters of Italian cured meats and cheeses.

Following in the footsteps of its big sister, the nearby Bin 71, Barcibo offers a whopping 40 different Italian wines by the glass. Feel like something subtle from Apuglia? Sure thing. An unusual red from Sardinia? Nessun problema, bella. Or if you’re feeling all enoteca-shmeca, just order a craft beer already.

For the peckish there’s the aforementioned salami, perhaps a codfish crostini, marinated calamari salad or even a crunchy panini. Or go all out with something bigger, like the sweet sausage and artichoke risotto.

Dateful or not, you’ll be totally loved up after a Sicilian pistachio gelato or good old-fashioned raw tiramisu.  And no matter how the night pans out, there’ll always be Barcino’s excellent selection of artisanal bourbons just waiting to help you drown your sorrows.  Or, more likely, toast your new flame.

All images from Barcibo Enoteca


One Response to “Barcibo Enoteca”

  1. Freedom Cyclist July 11, 2011 at 9:48 am #

    I so love your blog!…& mostly get very hungry after perusing it!! xx

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