The Dutch

6 Jul

We love things that are Dutch, right?  Tiny pancakes.  Hagelslag.   Re-using mustard jars for drinking glasses.  (Ok maybe not that one so much.)

So it follows: we love The Dutch.

Part trendoid bar, part almost-fancy restaurant, The Dutch is in the heart of Soho and blasts with flirty, shouty, 3o-somethings in shiny shoes. If you can elbow your way past the loved-up beautiful people and make it to the bar, slick bartenders will mix you up something wondrous — like a snarky New York Sour, a fresh, chartreusey  Sullivan Street Fix-Up, or a simple and elegant gin and tonic — heavy on the Tanqueray.

If you REALLY want to fit in here though, get your puppy dog eyes on… Because I’m pretty sure every Dutchman has a crush on the restaurant’s chef, Andrew Carmellini. Really.  And I’ll tell you why.

He’s no Damien Walters, but the man has skills. He is the creator of The Dutch’s sloppy duck, the champagne seafood ceviche, the creamy eggplant dip that will bring tears to your eyes — as well as something mysterious called Asian Whiteboy Ribs. The creator of a crumbly corn bread to nibble on with your drinks.  Of the sweetest rabbit potpie and house-made fries taste like they are HEALTHY.  The guy even foraged for the first melon of the season!

If you don’t lust over the chef or his late night menu, maybe it’ll be the selection of American whiskeys? The smooth, oak-lined bar?  The leafy view out of the wide open windows?  Less so the wait staff, who are either a touch snooty or just playing hard to get.

You might have missed Koningnnedag this year, but The Dutch is worth celebrating any day.

Images from The Dutch and New York Times (Evan Sung)


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