Rainbow City

22 Jun

Hells bells and tortoise shells!*  This is Rainbow City: a towering garden of blow-up happy.  By that I mean huge inflatable mushrooms smiling down from on high, super-size hot air balloons floating in the summer breeze, oh-so-tall stripey cylinders leaning towards you for a pillowy hug…

It’s kind of like super Mario on drugs.

This 40 piece installation from Miami-based artistic collaborative FriendsWithYou is currently plonked below the new section of the Highline.  The inflatable magic garden is apparently designed to awaken the inner child – which means there are quite a few lost-looking suits pawing the playground floor nervously.  (Or maybe they were just looking for the private Wall Street Journal event next door.)

When the sound loops start to verge on creepy and the kids in the jumping castle tent start to look at you like YOU’RE creepy, it’s probably time for a beer.  They’re only (ahem) $7 at the temporary outdoor bar next door, The Lot on Tap.

Collichio & Sons is the order of the day at this giant concrete summer ‘plaza.’ To be honest though, it’s probably not the place I’d rush to if I were looking for an outdoor wristband experience.  (Yes, you need one.)

For that I’d go here.

If you too are short on trans-Atlantic airtickets, Rainbow City will be floating about until July 5.

*What do you think?  Could this turn into a WIDELY-USED EXPRESSION?

I forgot my camera on this excursion, so thanks to Arrested Motion and Geoffry Gertz for letting me use their awesome pictures.


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