20 Jun

If I were all leggy and had glossy dark hair and a sultry pout and maybe some sterling silver hammered cuffs, a pretty tattoo on my wrist and a growing penchant for skulls, then I would wear Oak stuff ALL THE TIME.

As it is I’m the blonde, gawky type so I kind of look like an imposter in clothes this cool.  Doesn’t mean I can’t try though.

(That’s not me.  Damn.)

Black and white, geometry, long tops, high waists, leather, rockstar jeans – these are all Oak’s strong suits. Most delicious though are the SHOES — and I’m not even one of those shoesy types.  Really I’m not.

Aren’t you glad someone called GeeWaWa designed those?  If that’s not cool enough: their Williamsburg store is behind an unmarked door on North 8th Street, which means there are no crowds to brave and you can eavesdrop on the sales assistants’ gossip… because there are no customers to serve.  No brunette, sexy ones anyway.

Images from Shiny Squirrel and Oak.


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