People’s Pops

15 Jun

If a rhubarb robot and a chamomile robot got into a war (stay with me) and then you froze them, you would have a PEOPLE’S POP.

There’s actually not any other way to describe this solid icy fruit brick-on-a-stick.  Well, I guess you could say: ‘This is better than a Dixie Cup.’  But that would be like comparing apples with some other, totally unrelated fruit.

Speaking of which, maybe you should try the apricot and orange blossom pop?  It’s like being smashed on the head with an orchard.  In a great way.

For those outlandish people who allow their herbs and fruits to co-mingle in the vegie patch, I guess the strawberry/basil combination is old hat for you.  Ditto for people who drink their morning mug of chai with a blueberry garnish. (I know you’re out there.)

For everyone else, lick it up at the People’s Pops stands at Chelsea Market, or the Highline or Smorgasburg. Drawcard: the giant hunk of ice they blade-shave if you order…ummm… a shave ice!  (Nothing but the best, mahalo very much.)

The People’s Pops peeps deserve your dollars because they’re young and gutsy, and also because they appreciate the interesting tracks forklifts can make in the snow. Tender folks, aren’t they?  Unlike fruit robots.  Those things are NASTY.


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