Joni Sternbach

13 Jun

Joni Sternbach’s portraits of the ocean are definitely the most beautiful things I’ve seen all week.

These are tintype photos created by using the old-school wet plate collodion process.  It involves glass plates and scary chemical potion-mixing – but the images can be rendered within minutes… which means Joni produces all these right there on the beach.  With wet feet.  And wetsuited, handlebar-moustached subjects watching.

She uses a large-format camera which is apparently like a sweet-studded gingerbread house.  The surfers are so curious about her contraption that they’re easy to ensnare.

Dreher-style, Joni returned year after year to the same location and if you look hard, I’m sure you can see the evolution of her relationship to the ocean and its surfers.  (Ok if you look REALLY hard.)

If you’re into this awesome combination of nineteenth century formality and chilled out beachness, she’ll even take your photo.  Helps if you look like this though.
All images from Joni Sternbach.  Thanks Lost at E Minor for introducing me to her.


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