Nita Nita

6 Jun

Phew. For Nita Nita I can be totally well brought-up and only say nice things.

Anyone who brings me a warm bowl of smashed sweet potato with tiny chunks of hot chorizo stirred through it gooely is going to be my friend.  But someone bringing that to me while I’m sipping a g&t in a big courtyard – that feels more garden than court – with loops of fairy lights blinking quietly in the trees could well be my soulmate.  Well, maybe.

Perhaps we should introduce ourselves.

I’m Caroline.  And Nita Nita is smack bang on the corner of Wythe and North 8th in Williamsburg.  Somehow it feels properly hidden – maybe because the streetfront looks like the entrance to a seedy, don’t-tell-your-dad-you-were-here type bistro.  Inside everything’s neat and tidy in that endearingly shabby way. (Like the pair of runners you’ve had since high school, but a touch more aromatic.)

So skip the polished wooden tables tucked under the back window and sneak your way outside.  Grab that table where the people are drinking ice and looking packy-uppy.  Probably order that Southampton IPA because it sounds fancy and is only five bucks.  Try to eavesdrop on those French chicks.  See how there’s a baby here, but only ONE baby?  That’s a good sign: only hip mommas drink here.

But stop, more about the food.  Like the perfectly rare slices of spiced Asian beef – so juicy and garnished with just enough pickled chilli to make you want to suck all the flavour inside out.  Or the hefty cheese boards with hunks of creamy, oozey, stinkily perfect camembert.

Yeah it’s a tapas bar but they make the rules: and so mac cheese gets a look-in.  It’s smooshed into a cutesy individual terracotta bowl though and actually smells like quite delicious food.

I heard a rumour that they do a killer hangover breakfast as well.  Just in case you need an excuse for another drink tonight – and fancy meeting your potential soul mate in the morning.

Just saying.

Nita Nita, 146 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn 11211. (388-5328)

Image courtesy of Eater.


One Response to “Nita Nita”

  1. Sho June 7, 2011 at 1:55 am #

    Oh Cal, how you make me want to be in NYC! Delish! xx

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