Berry Park

4 Jun

I met heaps of strangers yesterday.  The first one was a pleasingly red-bearded French guy who told me about his complicated money-lending start-up and asked me lots of polite questions.  Another one was a boy called Shane with ripped jeans.  A girl I didn’t know told me I had nice sunglasses.  Those are some of the reasons I like Berry Park.

Other reasons: they play Beatles without it being ironic.  The grilled chicken sandwiches take no time at all to come out and are so juicy and mustardy you feel all kissy afterwards.  It’s crowded on the hot days and takes ages to get a beer, but when you finally get one it’s enormous and cold and good.  And probably Belgian.

There’s a whole warehouse full of awesome here, but you’d probably only go to Berry Park for the deck.  All long wooden benches and white umbrellas, you feel rather fancy looking at the Manhattan skyline at dusk.  And then you feel smug because you’re doing it on the cheap, in sandals and with mustard on your face.

One thing you should know is this: it’s beery.  This is what they have on the bar menu: beer ($6) beer ($8) beer ($10) beer ($5).  If you want a gin and tonic go downstairs.  (And take the stairs slowly because your eyes take a second to adjust to the dark inside and you’ll probably trip.)

Options like the lobster and shrimp roll, pulled berkshire pork sandwich, and venison, merlot and blueberry sausages mean it’s probably the ultimate boozey lunch destination. They also have punk rock DJs on Thursdays. Get ready to make friends.

Images courtesy of L Magazine and Berry Park.


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