Oh Joy Brownies

3 Jun

Mmmm America.  Where it’s normal to combine chocolate and peanut butter and salt in a cake. New girl crush Joy the Baker aka queen of obscene flavour combinations in baked goods is responsible for this deliciousness.  She’s won all kinds of prizes for her blog and I’m pretty sure I’ve worked out her secret formula… What you gotta do is intersperse pictures of your mad culinary endeavours with hilarious text.  Like this…

It’s in the oven now and smells like heaven in a badass kinda way.

Sometimes on a Thursday you just need to make a batch of brownies. And then put salt on it.

You can add a crunchy topping of PRETZELS to complete the picture. But I’m just not that American. Yet.

So there you have it.

I’m betting girl crush would also like the bacon fat flavoured candy corn stall at the new food market in Williamsburg on Saturdays because bacon and toffee is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.  The market’s called Smorgasburg – of course it is – but more on that later.  Time to go eat these bad boys.  And maybe write a love letter.


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