Kindle Shmindle

31 May

So I’ve been researching an article about the future of libraries and just stumbled across this incredible piece of work.  This, apparently, is the Next Generation of Digital Books.

Stop judging and watch it.

The ‘book’ is Our Choice ‘written’ by Al Gore and put together by a company called Push Pop Press.   Readers – actually let’s call them users – can scroll through pages or chapters with the swipe of a finger, pinch elements on the page to ‘unfold’ them, or touch pictures to watch relevant video clips… of which there are an HOUR’S worth.

While perusing the many photos inserted into the text, users can listen to Al Gore talk about them, and (more eerily) pinpoint exactly where they were taken by using the 3D globe locator.  Most innovative are the ‘interactive infographics’ which allow the user to make use of the machine’s inbuilt technologies, like the microphone, to better understand a concept.

For example, in Our Time, users can blow into the microphone to watch a diagram of windpower come to life.  Creepy.

Push Pop’s intention is to licence the tool to book publishers, enabling them to create a host of interactive books in any genre they see fit.  The possibilities are endless… interactive LORD VOLDEMORT much? Yikes.


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