Tai Thai

29 May

It’s no Thai La-Ong, but then again Bedford Avenue is no King Street.  So like finding one final milk dud in the box before you throw it out, it’s a nice little surprise to find some cheap and tasty Thai hidden amongst the hipster bars and vegan-fusion offerings in Williamsburg

Critics of Tai Thai take issue with its bizarre furnishings rather than its menu.  But both are eclectic: the majority of dishes on the menu here are ‘entrees’, but in fact are big enough to easily feed a hungry Australian, and the decor is a kitsch mix of Thai pop movie meomorabilia and Buddhist keepsakes.  If you prefer not to eat in a low-lit den of strange collectibles you can always sit outside.  Or go to the Manhatten one.

I’ve eaten my weight in cheap, dirty Thai and Tai Thai definitely goes one better.  The beef pad see eiw tasted mainly of fish sauce and, well, beef (rather than grease and MSG) and the chicken pad thai was hot and fresh, despite its stringy noodles.   Curries, stir-frys and all your favourite noodles make their appearances on the menu, and at about $10 each it doesn’t really matter how authentic they are, right?

Avoid the house wine – cheap beer is a better pairing with crispy sprouts anyway.  And while the waitresses may not earn the most enormous tip, Tai Thai’s excellent location make it a prime eavesdropping venue.  I mean people-watching.

Tai Thai

206 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211. P:  718-599-5556

Image: Eater


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