Hipster Traps

26 May

Yeah, it’s old news, but it’s still nice to feel protected.

I’ve lived in Williamsburg for a whole ten days and while I haven’t spotted one of these crafty traps yet, I can sleep much easier knowing that a skinny dude in a vintage cardigan is busting for one of those cigarettes.  Williamsburg has always been kind of a Biggie deal with some mainstream guidebooks going so far as to use the words “hotbed” and “crime.”  But liiiiiike everyone knows you can’t swing a Moleskin without knocking a soy chai out of some unemployed artist’s hands around here. Word.

Til I buy my own pair of oversized tortoiseshell glasses I can only wait for the metallic snap of the jaws around a skinny-jeaned leg on Bedford.  Alternatively I can accept that the whole thing is an ironic prank and hipsters really do Hate On Everyone, especially people who’ve been here ten days and say that they live here.

Image courtesy of new favourites Free Williamsburg 


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