Hunting For George

12 Apr

Such an excellent discovery whilst stalking on a Monday morning is dangerous.  Boons like this only encourage ongoing antisocial behaviour.  Perhaps a better way of looking at the discovery of Hunting for George is as the silver lining of the cloud that is Facebook.

Aside from the delicious scarves and prints like this rad tea one, I quite love HFG’s gift cards.  Designed by lovely artist Diana Johnston, these cards are ones you’d stick in your journal instead of chucking in the fire with your bank statements.

Even besterer is the Dudes page, where the HFG girls lend their expertise to tough situations like: ‘I’ve only got 20 bucks to spend, help a brother out’, and ‘She’s a good friend, but I DON’T want to kiss her.’  (Yeah right.)

I’m still not sure who George is or why we’re hunting for him, but he’s definitely worth a peek.


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