Choc Orange Balls

10 Apr

If you were writing a crime thriller novel and you were trying to think of a way for a double-crossing secret agent to switch brief cases with another secret agent, you could write a scene where both of them are waiting in line to go through security in a busy domestic airport – Sydney, say.  One after the other they empty their pockets and put their briefcases on the security conveyor belt to be scanned, and when they come out the other side they take EACH OTHER’S BRIEF CASE.

Otherwise, if you’re in the airport you could go to Darrell Lea and buy these Choc Orange Balls.

Not only do these giant jaffa gob stoppers taste dreamy, but they also stain your fingers a pleasant blood red.  Depending on the quantity consumed they also give you quite an impressive tongue ulcer.  Apart from Caramel Snows, which I’m told are only for the young and young at heart, these are the only reason to visit Darrell in the first place.  Delicious.


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