Parisian Ballets

9 Apr

Did you know you can buy an amazing stone church in Pennsylvania for $200,000 right now on ebay?

While you’re on the internet you could also buy me these sweet kicks from the Parisian Ballets online shop. I’ve never bought footwear on the internet before but that shouldn’t stop YOU.

Unfortunately some of the shoes on their website have ridiculous names like Blanc de Blanc and Peekaboo. But the shoes themselves are delicious and while potentially a bit white supremacist, Blanc de Blanc will at least make your toes look dainty.

PB’s had a stall at the excellent Magnolia Square market in Maaalbourne a while back, which is a place where you can buy lots of cutesie hand-made things and ‘gorgeous wares’ like stationery and overpriced felt slippers.

Alternatively if you live in Leura you could just go to the shoe shop there – it’s called Circus and they stock PB’s. (If you live in Leura you probably already know this. It’s not a huge place.)

To conclude, Parisian Ballets also make wedding slippers. Which is helpful for when you feel like getting married. In Pennsylvania.


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