8 Apr

Having never had an extra-marital affair, nor green thumbs, nor gonorrhea, I can’t really put myself in Sunday Reed’s shoes.

Sunday was just an everyday gal who married a guy that gave her gonorrhea and left her infertile.  So she married someone else and they did the tree change thing and opened up their house to a load of free-loving bohemians who all subsequently had affairs with her.  Could happen to anyone.

It just so happens that the Reeds’ house is now a modern art museum called Heide.  And that Sunday’s longest-lasting affair was with Sidney Nolan (who is kind of a big deal.)  And that when she refused to leave her husband for him, Sidney got her back by marrying her husband’s SISTER.

Not to gossip, but he was also a bit of an Indian giver.  After giving them to Sunday, he asked for his Ned Kelly paintings back. Instead she gave them to the National Gallery. (Cop that boyfriend.)

But moving on.

Fortunately, Heide is a half hour drive out of Melbourne – which means one is excited about stretching one’s legs around the 16 acres of landscaped gardens as soon as one arrives.  After taking in the 30 sculptures and admiring the Yarra from its slippery banks, one may well have worked up the appetite for a snack at Shannon Bennett’s swank new Cafe on the site.  (Or for a tasty alternative, one could sample the chives growing in the kitchen garden.)

Then there’s the original homestead that you can trespass in for a fee, and the other two very swish exhibition buildings.  Here’s what’s in them: drawings by Joy Hester, Albert Tucker, Arthur Boyd and John Perceval.

Here’s what’s not in them:

Image: Bentley Smith (superciliousness)


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